Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perfume Review: Dreams Unlimited by The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s Dreams Unlimited EDP ($53.95, 50mL) is pretty and fresh, just perfect for hot summer days. It opens with a refreshing greenness and a subtle spice note that comes from green chili. There is a hint of lemon which adds sparkle to Dreams Unlimited’s composition and a touch of pale, sheer florals which stop this perfume from smelling too green.
Dreams Unlimited has that ‘just showered’ feel: fresh and clean! I spray this with abandon on hot days and revel in its cooling quality. As the green fades there is a subtle powdery quality to the background florals but Dreams Unlimited still retains its tranquillity. Whilst the Body Shop describes this scent as ‘exhilarating’ I find it the exact opposite, utterly relaxing.
Unfortunetly silage and staying power are both low on this fragrance, this is one that you will likely enjoy on your own as someone would have to be quite close to catch a whiff. You will need to spray a few times throughout the day, but due to how I feel when reapplying Dreams Unlimited I certainly don’t mind.
Do you have any favourite perfumes from The Body Shop?
- Katie xx

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